What is the Full Form of WWW?

by Deep Mehta
What is the full form of WWW

WWW is a very popular term and mostly related to the online world. The full form of WWW is World Wide Web. WWW is the collection or the group of web pages present over the internet. All the webpages are interlinks to each other and consist of texts, images, videos, documents, files, and other multimedia.

The English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.  He also made the first web browser to access thise www pages in 1990. Today there are many web browser at the internet marketplace.

List of WWW suported Web Browser

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Netscape Navigator etc.
  • Tor
  • Many More…

There are many www supported web browsers, but Google Chrome is the market leader. About two-thirds i.e. 67% of internet users use Google Chrome for their web surfing. The second most used web browser in Safari and Firefox is the third.

Things like Telnet, FTP, IP Gaming, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and e-mail are all part of the Internet but are not part of the www i.e. World Wide Web. They are different technologies of the Internet which provide better connectivity to users worldwide.

Types of WWW Web Pages

  • Static Web Pages

The web pages which displays a fix and same content to all the users all the time is known as Static Web Page. This kind of pages does not need heavy processing at the server side but just need a server to push to content to the client.

  • Dynamic Web Pages

A web page which is processed by scripts to generate user-specific, time or location specific content is known as Dynamic Web Pages. There are two types of Dynamic web pages, server-side dynamic web page, and client-side dynamic web page.

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