What is the Full Form of VISA?

by Jay Vora
Full Form of Visa

VISA is a widely used term but not many of us know about the full form of VISA. The full form of Visa is Visitors International Stay Admission. It means a document has been seen of a person who is traveling out of the country.  Visa is the most important document or a stamp that is required whenever a person has to travel to any foreign country. It is the permission that is granted by the Embassy of a country that you will be traveling in. VISA has validity time period. One can only travel to that country for a specified period of time. If the validity of the VISA is over then one has to again apply for the VISA or leave the foreign country.

One cannot afford to lose the VISA while travelling. You will be in big trouble if you lose your VISA because you won’t be allowed to return to your country. Getting a new VISA in another country is not an easy process. You need to follow all the Government proceedings for applying new VISA, so it is very much necessary that one must take proper care of their Passports and VISA while travelling outside your country.

Full Form of VISA

Type of VISA:

As mentioned above, every VISA has a particular time period until which you can stay in that country. If the time period is over then you have renew your VISA. The VISA is granted on the basis of the purpose of your work in the country. Types of VISA are:

  • Tourist Visa:

This is required whenever a person wants to visit a country for tourism. You an various tourist activities like recreation, sightseeing or meeting friends and relatives.

  • Student Visa:

This is required whenever a peson wants to go abroad for studies or higher education. Depending upon the length of the course, VISA is granted accordingly.

  • Employment VISA:

This is required whenever a person gets employed in some foreign country and he has to go and work over there. Basically it is required when you want to work as an employee in another country.

  • Business VISA:

This is required whenever a person wants to do any kind of business in any other country.

  • Medical VISA:

This is required whenever a person wants to seek medical treatment in a reputed hospital of another country.  One needs to give all the medical proofs of the disease and illness for this VISA.

  • Emergency VISA:

This is required whenever a person has to go to some another country in case of an emergency like death, accident or serious illness of parents, siblings and children or any other emergency situation.

Reason for Refusal of VISA:

It is not everytime you apply for VISA and you are granted the VISA. Sometimes, your VISA request gets refused and you are not given the VISA. The reasons behind  you visa proposal getting rejected might be:

  • You may have committed some fraud or have provided some wrong information in your previous application.
  • You are not able to provide all the required documents.
  • You do not have any kind of travel insurance (in some countries, having travel insurance is necessary).

These were some important information about the full form of VISA and VISA. We hope that we have helped you in serving some useful information.

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