What Is The Meaning of Tu 13 Dekh In Different Languages

by Deep Mehta
Tu 13 Dekh Meaning

Hello friends, Welcome to our new Blog. You might be wondering about what is the blog name? What is Tu 13 Dekh? What is the meaning of it? and also why we are starting with this blog? Of course, there might be many questions about Tu 13 Dekh. But we are here to give answers to your questions.

Tu 13 Dekh Meaning

Tu 13 Dekh is a Hindi sentence which means You look into your’s own business in English. If someone interferes a lot into your work, then you can say “Tu Tera (13) Dekh” to that person.

In the sentence Tu 13 Dekh, Tu means You, 13 which is Tera means yours and Dekh means Look. Collectively, You Look Yours which means You mind your own Business.

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