Ultimate Guide to Buy a Cricket Bat in 2019

by Jay Vora
Guide to Buy Cricket Bat

If you are considering buying a cricket bat in India, then you are in the right place for the guide to buy a cricket bat. Cricket is considered as one of the best sports in India, cricket players are having a large fan base in India. Majority of the Indians are following cricket matches and having favourite cricketers. In any case, we want to become a cricket player, then you need to know about buying a cricket bat which is the main equipment for this game.

As cricket is the most popular sport in India, so the majority of sports goods are manufactured in this country. Among them, cricket bats are mostly purchased by the cricket clubs and professional cricket players. Even cricket bats are the most demanding equipment for teenagers and even kids. There are various brands of cricket bats available in the market for you to choose from, which will make you confused by choosing a cricket bat. Therefore, a proper guide to buy a cricket bat is very much essential.

Things to Look for in Best Cricket Bats:

These are the few things and a guide to buy a cricket bat. You can buy it online or from any sports shop but you need to keep the following things in mind while buying a cricket bat.

1. Grains Number on the Bat:

Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Grain Number on Bat
Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Grains Number

Cricket that is mainly manufactured by using high-quality willow, usually they will have grains of 6 to 12. Lowest the grain the swifter your bat will be, although it increases the time taken by the bat to reach the ultimate performance to knock the ball.

2. Quality:

Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Quality
Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Quality

The next thing you need to look for is the quality of the English willow, the bat varies according to the standard. The best English willow is the grade 1+, these quality bats are mostly used by international cricket players. These cricket bats are available in limited edition for the common people to purchase them. These quality bats are mentioned as test match standard, we have provided the type of quality of the bat below in this article.

  • Grade 1+ (Test Match Standard)
    • G1 (Professional Standard)
    • G2 (Top Club Standard)
    • G3 (Lower – League Standard)
    • G4 (Beginner Standard)

3. Size, Shape and Pick Up:

Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Size, Shape and Pick up
Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Size, Shape and Pick up

There are a few different factors which need to keep in mind before choosing any cricket bat. Most of the bats are manufactured to have thick age and a large bowl, easy to pick up and knock the ball. This is entirely depending on the reference of the cricket player. So basically you need to check the weight of the bat and also need to feel the weight of the bottom of the bat. These factors are entirely depending on the type of bat you are trying to find and what style of batting you do in the cricket.

4. Toe Guard:

Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Toe Guard

The weakest part of a bat is its toe, so a toe guard needs to be applied to protect that part of the bat. In most of the cases that part of the bat is damaged by Yorker while playing cricket. Even it could split the bat into two pieces if you haven’t provided a toe guard to protect it. In cricket the bat needs to be a tap in the ground, so by applying the toe guard, we can reduce the shock provided to the bat.

5. Handle:

Guide To Buy Cricket Bat: Handle

In order to get complete control of the plate, most of the experienced batsman uses short handle. In case your height is above 6’2”, then we will recommend you to go for long handles in your bat. Although it is entirely depending on the batsman to choose the size of the handle. In the case of Junior cricket bat, the smallest size is 1 and the largest one is 6. So basically, adult size bat short handle is size 6.

This was a complete guide to buy a cricket bat. If you find it helpful then let us know in the comment section below.

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