Top 10 Fun Facts About Animals

by Om Saroj
Top 10 Fun Facts about Animals

Each and every animal are having extremely amazing qualities, most of them are rare and unique. We are definitely fascinated about the previous year and all the other natural things around us. So, we have rounded up a list of fun facts about animals, which are having several unique information which is not known to all of us.

Top Fun Facts About Animals

Fun Facts about Animals

These are the fun facts about animals, as these animals are mostly known to us but we are unknown to these amazing facts. We have listed the top ten fun facts about animals, which are unique enough to you have an interesting twist in every detail.

1. The Heart of the Shrimp is located in its head

Fun Facts about Animals

The heart of the screen is located in its head. If we discuss the exact anatomy of the shrimp, which is located in thorax which is just after the head.

Although thorax and head are covered in a single form of the exoskeleton, so it is the main reason for being getting confused with the thorax being the part of shrimp head.

Generally, we can see only two parts in a shrimp, the head and the tail. So, we can definitely say that the heart of the shrimp is located in its head.

2. Fingerprints of Koala are indistinguishable from Humans

Fun Facts about Animals

Koala bears are the only kind of animal which are having indistinguishable fingerprints from humans. You may get confused, as monkeys are considered as the close relative to the humans. Still, they are not having many similar fingerprints compared to polar bears. Even as they are much similar, they can also be get confused in the crime scene.

The analyst has found that fingerprint is almost inseparable compared to humans. Even after scanning the image of epidermis covering the fingertips using the electron microscope, they are almost similar to the humans.

3. A snail can sleep for three years

Fun Facts about Animals

The sleeping process of a snail is much similar to most of the animals. It is called hibernation, snail sleeps in the weather when it is extremely cold. This process is much required for the survival of snails, even most of the snails like deserts names can even sleep for several years.

Several scientific studies have also confirmed that they can sleep for 3 years without eating. Snail habitat is consisting of either land or water, it is entirely depending on the snail we are talking about. Desert snail Hibernate for 3 years, they were on the ground in order to regain the moisture.

4. Elephants are the only animal that cannot jump

Fun Facts about Animals

It is true that elephants are the only animal that cannot. The major reason is that it does not need to jump in order to survive. Most of the other animals need jumping in order to get away from various predators in the world. Although elephants can keep themselves safe by using the advantage of their huge body and protective social groups. So, it’s basically too much hard to make a 4-ton mammal Off the Ground at once. It is definitely impossible and also amazing fun facts about animals, as the bones in the elephant legs are all pointed towards downwards. So, legs of the elephant are not having the spring effect which is available in most of the members.

5. Slugs have four noses

Fun Facts about Animals

Slugs don’t have 4 noses, but those can be considered as noses as they are called Pneumostome. It allows the slug to breathe, but slugs are having a different organ for smelling. So, in a sense those tentacles are not considered as traditional nose. Those tentacles are also used for gathering information from the environment. You will also get to see a small black spot at each tip of those tentacles, those are used for detecting lightness and darkness.

6. It is very possible to hypnotize a frog

Fun Facts about Animals

Although there is no legitimate scientific study available to back this hypothesis. But this process is much similar to the hypnotizing process in the lizard. In order to hypnotize frog, you need to put it on its back and hold it still for few seconds. Now you need to remove your hand, and it will stay completely motionless as it will get hypnotized by this trick. In order to get them back from the hypnotized state, you just need to flip it back cover. There is various information about hypnotizing a frog, but there is no legitimate information in this matter.

7. Rhinoceros horn is made of hair

Fun Facts about Animals

Rhinoceros horns are made out of keratin, type of protein which mixes up the fingernails and hair. They are also having mineral deposits like melanin and calcium the core of the horn. You can see that few of the rhinos are having two horns, whereas others are having single horn. It is entirely depending on the composition which can vary because of diet and geographical location.

8. Almost Three Percent of the ice in Antarctica glaciers is penguin urine

Fun Facts about Animals

 Penguins are flightless birds that live in Antarctica. Around 3% of the ice is the urine of Antarctica. As the temperature of Antarctica is zero degrees, so most of the Penguin urine turns into ice quickly. This is among the very less known fun facts about Animals.

9. Sloth needs two weeks to digest its food

Sloth needs two weeks to digest its food:

Sloth is having slow metabolism, which is the main reason they can take around 30 days to completely digest a single leaf. Whereas a human can digest food within 12 to 48 hours in a day. Due to this slow metabolism sloth will take around 2 weeks to completely digest its food.

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10. A cow can give 2,00,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime

Fun Facts about Animals

Each and every cow can give you around 2,00,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime. Although the quantity is entirely depending on the variety of diet, environment, and variety of the cow.

Last Words:

Most of the facts about animals are unknown to us, even most of the animals are having specific behavior is having a particular reason. We have gathered the complete information from different scientific sources and posted them in this article for you. Share this fun article with others, so that they get to know about these unknown amazing fun facts about animals.

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