Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

by Jay Vora
Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

If you are planning your vacations, one of the biggest considerations is the hotel guest rooms. Most of the hotel guest rooms are having a marble floor along with fancy bathtubs.

There are several more features available in the hotel rooms which are not a necessity for simple travelers. You can also find hotels with small spaces, which will be having coffee makers, refrigerator and several free essential components.

Those are also known as capsule hotels, which are having a much reasonable rate and available around the globe. In this article, we will discuss in detail the top capsule hotels around the globe.

Best Capsule Hotels in the World:

  1. The Pod Hotels
  2. 9 Hours
  3. Moxy Hotels
  4. Arlo Hotels
  5. Pangea Pod
  6. Book and Bed
  7. First Cabin
  8. Sleeep Hotel
  9. The Jane Hotel
  10. Yotelair
Best Capsule Hotels in the World

If you are looking for the recommendation of the best capsule hotels around the globe, then you should definitely check out the list below.

Most of the capsule hotels will have a rooftop deck or even bed is hidden behind furniture. Read the complete details about them before choosing the appropriate capsule hotels.

1. The Pod Hotels:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

The first capsule concept hotels in New York was launched in the year of 2017 in Midtown East. There are multiple hotels available that were first started with Pod 51.

Later on, Pod 39 was also established in Washington DC. Recently, Pod Brooklyn with marvelous courtyards, sky-lit lobby and rooftop lairs. By average there will be around 600 rooms along with private bathrooms and pod pads.

2. 9 Hours:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

This particular Hotel can be found throughout Tokyo. This particular Hotel is specifically designed for the comfort of the travelers to shower, getting rest and sleeping in hotel rooms.

They will be offering a clean and bright capsule, which is much similar to the hotel rooms which we get to see in sci-fi movies or TV series. 

3. Moxy Hotels:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

Moxy Hotels will be offering 19 crash bedrooms along with light wood designs throughout the room. Features include a flat-screen TV, space word wallpaper basically replaced instead of closets.

Each and every crash pad will be measuring around 110 square feet, and only available by a reservation at the amusement park. Initially, there will be charging you around $99 for a night, in this wonderful capsule hotel.

4. Arlo Hotels:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

Guest rooms offered in this particular hotel around 150 square feet, and each and every room are having different layouts with furnishings. Most of them will be available as furnished terraces or a few of them will have a Courtyard view.

Each and every room will be offered with space saving fold down desks. Specially sculptured wrap around beds is provided near the oversized windows in order to highlight the views in this hotel.

5. Pangea Pod:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

This is the first of the kind capsule hotels available in Canada, and they recently opened up this year. They will be offering postal style beds along with public space in the rooftop bar.

Even though each and every space are provided with privacy and most of the pods will be having a double bed surrounded by three-sided walls. 

6. Book and Bed:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

This particular Hotel is basically a book store that will be having lined up books published from Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers.

You will get to have multiple books to read, and you can have complete rest in that particular place with several beds offered in a specific manner. 

7. First Cabin:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

The hotel will offer you airplane themed rooms, which are also available in business class and premium economy. This hotel chain is available in Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi.

Features included in this hotel’s comfortable duvets, premium quality private bathrooms, LCD TV, Vending Machine, etc.

8. Sleeep Hotel:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

This hotel is located in Queens Road Central on Hong Kong, and it is created by Spatial Product Developer Space Ltd. Hotel rooms are designed with eco-friendly metal and wood with LED lighting. Each and every room are having an organic cotton towel, along with several luxury mattresses, blanket, and pillow.

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9. The Jane Hotel:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

This is one of the famous hotels located in New York with a decorated ballroom. There are around 200 cabins with bunk beds available in this hotel. If you are choosing a captain cabin, then you will be offered with a private terrace.

10. Yotelair:

Top 10 Capsule Hotels in The World

Another airplane themed cabin with first-class airline features. Each and every room will be having a bunk-style premium bed, which can also be converted into a sofa.

Last Words:

Over the last decade, capsule hotels rising up due to the reasonable rate along with all the available necessities. This can help you to spend the budget on luxurious culinary and excursions around the globe.

We have collected complete information about the best capsule hotels around the world from different sources and posted them in this article for you.

Share this informative article with others, show that they can plan their vacation and choose the appropriate capsule hotels around the globe.

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