Best Fun Things To Do From Home During Coronavirus in India

by Jay Vora
Things to do at home during coronavirus

The government has advised everyone to stay safe at home. It becomes the responsibility of everyone to take all the precautionary measures to avoid getting infected from coronavirus. In this article, we will tell you about the fun things to do from home during coronavirus.

The threat of pandemic novel coronavirus is increasing day by day in the entire world. The situation in India is also becoming critical day by day. The government is asking every citizen to maintain social distance and stay safe at home. But the question that arises in everyone’s mind is what are the best things to do from home during coronavirus? So here is the answer to everyone’s question.

Things To Do From Home During Coronavirus

1. Spend Quality Time with Family

Things to do From Home During Coronavirus

If you are working or you are studying, the only complaint that family members do is that you don’t have time for them. So, spending time with your family members is one of the most correct things to do from home during coronavirus. As the government has advised everyone to not go out and stay safe, the entire working sector has now started to close their offices and many of them have asked their employees to work from home. This will surely give everyone more time to spend with their loved ones.

2. Read Some Good Books

Things to do From Home During Coronavirus

Now you have an ample amount of time to read all those books which you were planning to read but you were not able to get time for it. Get all your books with you from wherever you can before everything completely shuts down. You can also try to read E-books, Audiobooks or graphic novels if the books stores have closed down or you are not able to find books.

Let me tell you one thing, reading books can help you change your entire life. Now you have a great chance to invest your valuable time in reading books and harvest something good out of it.

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3. Learn Cooking or Cook Something Special

Things to do From Home During Coronavirus
Anonymous is preparing a healthy salad with seeds

Who doesn’t like to eat good food? You have enough time to cook something special for your loved ones. If you don’t know cooking then you can also learn cooking from elders as well as through videos. The recipes are available on the internet. The only thing that you need to do is take some interest and make an effort to cook some delicious recipes for your near and dear ones.

4. Start Reliving Your Hobbies

Things to do From Home During Coronavirus

As a kid, we always had some kind of hobby. Some had a hobby of drawing while some had hobby singing. Hobbies can be anything like singing dancing, doing craft, writing, etc. It is one of the best things to do at home during coronavirus. While growing up, in the race of society and responsibilities, we stopped enjoying our hobbies. But now it’s the correct time to relive your hobbies and spend some time for yourself.

5. Start an Indoor Garden

Things to do From Home During Coronavirus
Holy Basil Herb Plant pots on wooden shelf Organic Vegetable Home garden

The idea is a bit unique but it’s very helpful. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to start an indoor garden in your house and create a fresh and healthy environment around us. So, start your indoor garden and start taking care of it.

There are many things like playing games and puzzles, doing some kind of craft, watching movies at home, etc. But it is very important that the time which you have got goes into doing something fruitful. Above all, whichever thing you do make sure you are safe and keep everyone around you safe. Don’t forget to take precautionary measures.


So these are various things to do at home during coronavirus. The most important thing that is to be done is to be safe. So please don’t do any kind of carelessness in this situation. Stop spreading fake news and negativity in society and create a positive environment around us

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