Sunny Leone Beats PM Modi, Salman Khan In Popularity (Google Trends Report)

by Deep Mehta
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Google trends popularity is entirely depending on the number of people look up for any celebrity. Even the ranking of the celebrities is also depending on the number of searches done in the search engine. Currently, only one name tops the list, even though a particular celebrity is not having many movies in the theatres. In this article, we will discuss the celebrity who has topped the list by becoming the most trending in the Google search engine.

Latest Google Trends Report on Indian Celebrities:

Currently, Sunny Leone is the only celebrity who has topped the list of Google trends, followed by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This clearly confirms that India prefers online adult content over news or movies. Apart from that, the most search which is related to superstar Salman Khan is entirely depending on his film or songs. Although the searches for other actresses like Katrina or Deepika is entirely on sexual preference. Search is used with adjective searches sexy or hot. 

This information was revealed on the analysis of current yours Google trends. Apart from these celebrities, Bhojpuri movies search more often than Bollywood movies. This also clearly confirms that Indians are showing more interest in Bhojpuri movies compared to Bollywood. Whereas 4 years ago, Tamil and Telugu movies search more often which is similar to the search of Bhojpuri movies this year. The report also states that Indians are searching for entertainment news and movies apart from general news and cricket.  

Although the curiosity about the movies in online searches does not reflect the result in better performance in the box office. For examples Indians has Googled more about Tiger Shroff “Baaghi 2”, compared to Ranbir Kapoor’s “Sanju”. But in the box office, Sanju performed for better compared to Baaghi 2. Apart from these celebrities, another celebrity was searched tremendously this year whose name is “Priya Prakash Varrier”. She usually became the overnight sensation due to halving in her debuting movie. 

Even the Big Boss contestant Sapna Choudhary was also searched more often in Google by the Indians. The search for the Sunny Leone increased after her web series “Karanjeet Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone” started streaming on Zee 5. If we specify on the search of the most searched celebrity in India, then the North-eastern part of India such as Manipur and Assam have searched Sunny Leone more than rest of India. The well-known actress of the Jism 2 Bollywood movie even commented on the gaining of the top spot in the Google trends. 


She said that she is thankful to her fans for constantly supporting her, the news of being her in the top was brought to her by the team. It is a great feeling for her to be on the top of the search list, which most of the celebrities definitely deserve to have a larger fan base. She even topped the list in which actors like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are also present. She has acted in more than 30 movies in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tamil. 

Last Words:

So now we get to know about the most searched celebrity in the Google search engine. This is going to be the first celebrity who is not having many movies, but she gets to be the top searched celebrity in the world search engine. We have collected the complete information from the Google trends report and posted them in this article for you. Share this informative article with others, so that they get to know about the latest report of the Google trends.

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