What is the Reason for Neeraj Tanwar Death? Who is Neeraj Tanwar Fatehpur Pepsu?

by Jay Vora
Neeraj tanwar Death

On 15th March 2020, Neeraj Tanwar, the famous bodybuilder from Fatehpur, Delhi, committed suicide by intaking poison. Neeraj Tanwar was a 33-year-old bodybuilder from Fatehpur. He was very much famous for his workout videos. He used to receive immense popularity from his social media profiles.

Neeraj Tanwar is no more between us as he has committed suicide by taking poison. Neeraj belonged to the Gujjar community. After his death, the whole Gujjar community is in shock right now. He was also called the “Sher of Gujjar”. Until now no one knows the reason behind this astonishing step which lead to Neeraj Tanwar death.

Neeraj Tanwar Fatehpur Death

The reason for Neeraj Tanwar’s death is not yet known. All his friends, family and the entire community are in great trauma and everyone is behind finding out the reason for this Neeraj’s action.

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Who is Neeraj Tanwar?

Neeraj Tanwar, also known as Neeraj Tanwar Fatehpur and Neeraj Tanwar Pepsu, is a famous bodybuilder from Fatehpur Delhi. As he is from Fatehpur he is also known as Neeraj Tanwar and Fatehpur and he belongs to the Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) he is also very well known as Neeraj Tanwar Pepsu. PEPSU was a state of India uniting eight princely states between 1948 and 1956.

Neeraj Tanwar Fatehpur Death

Neeraj Tanwar was very much active on social media. He has around 31,500 followers on Instagram and his fans were very much fond of his workout videos and his lifestyle. He was a very fun-loving person and his posts on Instagram clearly indicate that he was living a very peaceful life. But was going through inside no one knows.

Recently, a few days back a song was released on Neeraj Tanwar. His last post on Instagram is based on that song only. Looking at his stories no one can imagine he is going to commit suicide.

The reason is not yet out. As soon as it will be out, we will update you about it.

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