Coronavirus: MBMC Commissioner Decides to Close all Religious Places in Mira-Bhayander

by Jay Vora
Coronavirus Mira-Bhayander

As coronavirus is spreading very fastly in Mumbai, Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Council (MBMC) Commissioner has taken a decision to close all the religious places for a few days. MBMC Commissioner, Chandrakanth Dange has asked to spread a notice to close all the religious places with every religious head.

There has been some news in the city that few people are tested positive for novel coronavirus. However, there is no official news from the health department about any case testing positive in Mira-Bhayander. So please don’t spread any kind of rumors if you don’t have any kind of strong proof against the news.

Mira Bhayander Coronavirus

What is the Decision of MBMC against Coronavirus?

MBMC Commissioner, Chandrakanth Dange had organized a meeting where all the heads of various religions were asked to come. In the meeting, everyone agreed upon the decision of Commissioner to close all the religious places closed and not to conduct any kind of religious event for a few days. The decision was taken by taking the beliefs of every religion into consideration.

Agreeing to the decision of Commissioner, the religious heads of various religions have sent a message to not to conduct any religious activity where it involves gathering of people. The religious heads have asked people to perform Friday Namaz from home and avoid large gatherings of people at Church for Sunday prayer.

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Here’s the interview of MBMC Commissioner Chandrakant Dange to MB Live:

These are just the precautionary steps against the pandemic novel coronavirus. There’s no need to create a panic situation. All you need to do is follow precautionary measures properly and stay safe. There’s a humble request please don’t spread any kind of forwards or fake news. Please be sure you have complete knowledge about what you are sharing and spreading.

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