Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston with PM Modi and President Trump

by Deep Mehta
Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston
Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of United States Donald Trump shared the stage in Houston. On Sunday 22nd September 2019, an event took place named ‘Howdy Modi‘. Grab your seat properly and we will let you go through the Howdy Modi Highlights.

This event was organized in NRG stadium, where Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora. Later on, he has inaugurated Gandhi Museum in Houston and went to New York for attending the 74th UNGA Session. Pm Narendra Modi addressed more than 50,000 Indian American in the United States of America. 

He has highlighted the government welfare programs in India. He also discussed the decision of India for scrapping the special status to Jammu and Kashmir. You also declared that the peoples of the Jammu and Kashmir have similar rights just like any other Indians.

Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston

PM Narendra Modi also sharply attacked Pakistan for opposing the decision of India on Jammu and Kashmir. Although he does name the country, he is strongly committed that they have started hatred towards India and made it the center of their agenda. 

According to PM Narendra Modi’s speech, Pakistan is supporting and also harbouring terrorists and every part of the world knows about this situation. Later on, US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a bilateral meeting on Tuesday.

Highlighted Parts on the complete event ‘Howdy Modi’:

Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston

Howdy Modi Highlights: These are the few of the highlighted parts which happened in the event how did Modi in Houston. We have listed a few of the important parts of this event apart from the speech.

Howdy Modi Highlights

  • Sep 22nd, 18:12 (IST):

3-hour long event is being organized in NRG Football Stadium. It is considered as one of the largest in the United States of America.

  • Sep 22nd, 19:41 (IST):

John Cornyn, senator of the United States of America arrives at the stadium for the event.

  • Sep 22nd, 20:10 (IST):

Indian cultural programs get started in the event.

  • Sep 22nd, 21:26 (IST):

Sylvester Turner, mayor of Houston delivers a welcome speech at the mega diaspora rally.

  • Sep 22nd, 21:32 (IST):

All the Congressional delegation arrived on stage, in the Howdy Modi event.

  • Sep 22nd, 21:36 (IST):

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was welcomed into Texas by John Cornyn.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:28 (IST):

Donald Trump, president of the United States arrived at NRG stadium.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:39 (IST):

US President Donald Trump and Indian PM Narendra Modi takes the stage in the event.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:46 (IST):

US President Donald Trump welcomes PM Narendra Modi and addresses him as the well-known person on planet.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:48 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi takes the stage and congratulates US President Donald Trump on his leadership in America.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:51 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi says ‘Abki bar Trump Sarkar’.

  • Sep 22nd, 22:58 (IST):

US President Donald Trump addresses 50,000 hardworking American Indians in the event.

  • Sep 22nd, 23:05 (IST):

Unemployment in the United States is at the lowest level in over 51 years, and it will soon be a historic number said by US President Donald Trump.

  • Sep 22nd, 23:07 (IST):

Millions of poverties in India has been lifted, which is one of the incredible moments for India stated by Donald Trump.

  • Sep 22nd, 23:10 (IST):

According to Donald Trump, soon will be India in NBA basketball.

  • Sep 22nd,23:14 (IST):

The United States and India are most committed to protecting innocent civilians from radical Islamic terrorism, says US President Donald Trump.

  • Sep 22nd,23:15 (IST):

Border Security is one of the vital factors to United States of America said by Donald Trump.

  • Sep 22nd,23:17 (IST):

US President Donald Trump confirms that you will not let the politicians take away the health care benefits from the immigrants. He also said that United States will take care of the citizens in the first place and the Indian Americans before all the other illegal immigrants.

  • Sep 22nd,23:22 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi greats India diaspora at NRG stadium by ‘Howdy, my friends’.

  • Sep 22nd,23:23 (IST):

He is excited to see the spirit of Texas reflecting in the crowd. He also this crowd is not restricted to an arithmetic number, we all be witnessing a new history in making.

  • Sep 22nd,23:25 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi thanked Donald Trump and all the senators for their presence and speech about India’s progress, it is a great respect to the achievements of 1.3 billion Indians.

  • Sep 22nd,23:28 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi says ‘if you ask howdy, Modi? then my answer is everything is fine in India’.

  • Sep 22nd,23:35 (IST):

PM Narendra Modi says that many voters voted in 2019 Lok Sabha election. And after 60 years, the political party with full maturity came back to power in India.

  • Sep 22nd,23:36 (IST):

PM Modi claims that ‘Vikas’ is the most popular word currently roaming around in India.

  • Sep 22nd,23:42 (IST):

Modi confirms that within last 5 years India has built 11 crore toilets all around the country. Currently hundred percent of the families are connected to banks, and well known to the Banking procedure. Indians are focusing their energy to achieve higher goals, rather than focusing on basic necessities.

  • Sep 22nd,23:46 (IST):

More than 95% of peoples in India having gas connection. Data is the new gold and it is available at cheapest rate only in India. Previously it would take around 3 months to get passport, but now come within weeks.

  • Sep 22nd,23:53 (IST):

India is challenging corruption, and there were several steps taken to get rid of it. Recently India script of article 370, which was a big challenge for India to achieve.

Highlighted Speech of Indian PM Narendra Modi at ‘Howdy Modi’ Event in Houston:

Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston

PM Narendra Modi has talked about various agendas on the event which we have summarised in this list.

  • First of all, the speaker introduces and addresses the event with the following wishes. He wished good morning to Houston, Texas, and America. Later on, he greeted the Indians of India who are residing around the globe. Narendra Modi was addressed as a special person who does not need introduction in any part of the world.
  • Name after Narendra Modi came up in each and every conversation whenever global politics is discussed around the globe. He is having around tens of millions of followers, who are always following the words and ideology from him. Within very short time he has become a very popular person and a household name, even before he visited the highest office in United States of America.
  • It is confirmed by the US President Donald Trump, that each and every member of the White House felt the deep impact which he has left. Starting from CEO’s of major companies to commander in chief, women in various boardrooms in oval office to the studios in every global stage. He has left impact on each and every agenda which included politics, security, and economy. After this wonderful introduction about him, US President Donald Trump invited him to the magnificent stadium to address the magnificent gathering.
  • US President Donald Trump also said that warmth and friendliness from PM Narendra Modi each time he met him. 
  • PM Narendra Modi gets onto the stage and thanked US President Donald Trump and addressed the crowd ‘Howdy, my friends?’.
  • The crowd went wild after the greetings and they greeted back.

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Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston
  • He said that every American friend is amazed by what he said in various events. He often said in most of the conversation that ‘everything is fine’. But he said that in different languages which are originating from India. Different languages at the symbol of liberal and democratic society. He also said that the different languages in India who existed for more than thousands of years. Not just languages, there are different cultures and appearances which makes India more colorful and diverse.
  • According to speech by PM Narendra Modi, unity in diversity is the heritage of India. It is the specialty of India and also proves that India is having a vibrant democracy. These cultures, languages, and appearances are the power and the inspiration to each and every Indian around the globe. Even if the Indians are scattered around the world, they take the principles of diversity and democracy with them.
  • He also addressed that, the biggest festival of democracy and many of the citizens participated in 2019 general election. Around 61 crore voters participated in this general election. According to complete information from Election Commission of India, the highest number of women voters voted in this election. Most importantly highest number of women were elected in this collection as well. PM Modi describes this event as the success of Indians and happened because of Indians, not because of Modi.
  • He also said that even though patience is the identity of each and every Indian but in recent days Indian is impatient about progress in India.
  • Indians are currently challenging themselves and changing themselves. He also said that India is progressing at great speed. And India will challenge each and every one of them, who thinks that nothing can change. According to various data of last 5 years, 130 crore Indians as achieved different things which cannot be imagined in past. So, our motto is to aim high and achieve higher.
  • You also confirmed that currently rural sanitation is around 99% and cooking gas connection used within 5 years is around 95% which was previously on 55%. The new cooking gas connection was provided to 15 crore people around the country.
  • In the information and technology era, data is considered as the new oil. And peoples of Houston know well about oil, but PM Modi thinks data is the new gold. Recently industrial revolution 4.0 took place, and it is all about data. He proudly announces that the cheapest only available in India. Currently, 1GB data costs around 25-30 cents in India.
  • He also mentioned that India has scrapped the article 370. He claimed that article 370 was basically meant for keeping the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from the progress and rights. This was a major advantage for terrorists and separatist who were using this as their advantage. Currently, the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are having similar rights just as each and every Indian does.
Howdy Modi Highlights at Houston
  • Regarding this agenda, both the parliament houses debated on this matter for hours. The complete debate was telecasted live, even though ruling party is not having the majority in the upper house. Although both the houses of parliament cleared this motion with a two-thirds majority. He also stated that the crowd should give the standing ovation to the lawmakers of India.
  • Later on, he sharply attacked the neighbouring country Pakistan. He said that some of these achievements by India are troubling some people you cannot manage their own country. He also confirmed that they are using this agenda to create hatred towards India. They are supporting terror and harbouring terrorists in their country. Although each and every information regarding this country is known to every part of the world. He also stated that conspirators of the 9/11 attack on America and 26/11 attack in Mumbai were found in the same country. More
  • PM Modi is inviting other countries that; it is the high time to go for decisive fight against terrorism and those who support terrorism in the first place.
  • He also congratulates President Donald Trump about standing firmly against terrorism. And invited the crowd to give a standing ovation for this strong decision which president has taken against terrorism.
  • PM Narendra Modi also confirmed that India will be spending $1.3 alien on the infrastructure. He also said that the growth rate of India has averaged 7.3% in last 5 years. He claims that this never happened before the history of India. For the first time India is facing low inflation and higher growth.
  • You also said that he wants to have talked with US President Donald Trump over the next few days to have some positive results. He also said that President Trump calls him as a tough negotiator, and he wants to say that is the master of Art of the deal.
  • Lastly, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited US President Donald Trump and his family to visit India.

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