How to Transfer SBI Bank Account from One Branch to Another Online and Offline?

by Jay Vora
Transfer the SBI Bank Account

Earlier, there was only one way to transfer SBI bank account from one branch to another by offline method only(by visiting the branch). But now if you want to transfer SBI account from one branch to another, you can do it in two ways. One is the traditional way of visiting the branch office and making an application for transferring the account to other SBI branch and the other method is applying online.

Among all the nationalized banks, State Bank Of India(SBI) is one of the biggest and popular banks in India. It offers some of the best products and services in the banking industry. So if you already have an account in the SBI bank and you want to transfer your account from one branch to another then you have landed in the right place.

Steps to Transfer SBI Bank Account via NetBanking/Online:

1. Open the official website of Online SBI and login to Netbanking.

Transfer the SBI Bank Account: Login to netbanking

2. Once you are logged in, click on the e-service tab in the Top Menu.

3. When you will click on the e-service tab, a dropdown will appear and then click on More.

Transfer the SBI Bank Account: E-service tab and click on more

4. A window will open where the list of different services of bank will be there. Scroll down and click on ‘Transfer of Savings Account’.

Transfer the SBI Bank Account: Choose transfer bank account

5. Select the account number that you want to transfer.

6. Enter the Branch Code if you know it already. If you don’t know the code use branch locator tool to get the branch code.

Transfer the SBI Bank Account: Select account no. and branch code

7. After entering the branch code, click on Get Branch Name.

8. Now you will see, the branch name will be written by itself.

Transfer the SBI Bank Account: Branch code and name fetched

9. Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ by ticking the box and then click on the Submit button.

10. On the next screen, click on confirm.

11. Enter the high-security password you received on your registered mobile number.

12. Put in the number and click on Confirm.

13. Later, you can check the status of the transfer in the History tab.

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Steps to Transfer SBI Bank Account via Offline mode/ branch:

Transfer the SBI Bank Account via Offline (Branch)

1. Ask for the account transfer form and fill in the details

2. Write an application mentioning the account name, number and the branch code of the bank where you want to transfer the account.

3. Mention the date and sign it.

4. Carry Aadhar card along with you in case bank officials need to verify the account holder.

Important: – Ask the bank representative to transfer the CIF number along with the account number.

SBI Account Transfer Application(Letter) Format:

The Branch Manager,
(Name of the Branch),
(City Name)

Subject: Transfer of Saving Account (mention ac/ no.) from (Old Branch Name) to (New Branch Name).

Respected Sir,

I want to transfer my Savings Account (Mention Ac/No.) from (Old Branch Name) to (New Branch Name). I have attached my self-attested KYC Documents along with this letter. I request you to go through my application and verify the same. I also request you to transfer my account at the earliest.

Your’s faithfully,
(Your Name)
(Your Signature)

Procedure to be followed once transferee bank received your application

1. Self-attest and submit KYC documents to the branch (e.g. Aadhaar card).

2. Bank will verify the documents and it will update you further about the transfer.

Important Things to Remember Before Visiting Branch Office

  1. Download SBI Clander App in your Smartphone device so you can be aware of bank holidays.
  2. Always carry PAN Card and Aadhar card while visiting the bank
  3. Avoid visiting banks during lunch hours from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.
  4. Carry a pen and paper with you


Among both the methods, the online method of transferring the account is more convenient. The offline method will consume more amount of time in comparison to the online method. The online method to transfer SBI Bank Account is considered to be the best as it is more easier and faster.

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