How to Prevent Pimples on Face

by Om Saroj
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Most of the people are having pimples on their face which can cause serious trouble in looks. They are basically known as acne, they are basically formed when oil gland of skin overreacts and then pores become inflamed. Even in two cases, skin bacteria can also cause pimples on the face. In this article, we will talk about several ways which can help in preventing pimples on face.

Best Ways to Prevent Pimples on Face:

  • Properly wash your face:
  • Identify your skin type:
  • Skin moisturizer:
  • Stay Hydrated:
  • Use Less Makeup:
  • Less contact with face:
  • Less Sun Exposure:
  • Do not pop pimples:
Prevent Pimples on the Face
Prevent Pimples on the Face

Pimples are basically happening due to the triggering of androgen hormone, although sometimes it can also be caused by a genetic disorder.

We have listed the best possible ways in which you can use for preventing pimples on face.

Properly wash your face:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

The first thing you need to do for preventing the pimples is to wash your face carefully. You need to remove the excessive oil, sweat, and dirt by washing your face thoroughly.

It is much recommended to wash your face twice a day in order to prevent pimples. The proper procedure is to weight your face with warm water. Do not use hot water, as it will not be much effective.

After you have carefully washed your face, apply a mild cleanser and massage your face in a circular motion using fingers. Now rinse it carefully, and diet after the procedure is done.

Identify your skin type:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

Pimples also depend on the type of skin you have, as oily skin are most likely to have pimples on face. The main reason is the skin’s Sebaceous gland creates too much oily sebum.

Even multiple combinations of the skin can also cause pimples, skin will be having both dry and oily areas. In this case, only the oily areas tend to have pimples on your face.

These are basically known as T Zone, which includes the forehead, chin, and nose. If you can correctly identify your skin type, then you can choose the right kind of skincare products. 

Skin moisturizer:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

 You need to use skin moisturizers to make your skin hydrated. Although you need to choose the right kind of moisturizers because some moisturizers have oil, synthetic fragrance other ingredients which can also cause pimples.

So, you need to choose the fragrance-free skin moisturizer and wash your face properly.

Stay Hydrated:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

You need to keep your body hydrated which will decrease the chance of skin oil glands producing more oil. Dehydration in the reason for being the appearance of your skin to be dull.

This will initially cause inflammation the pores of your skin and even cause redness. It is recommended to drink at least 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

In case you are doing exercise, then you need to drink more water as exercise will dehydrate your skin and body by sweat. Even if you are pregnant or even breastfeeding, then it is much required to stay hydrated.

Use Less Makeup:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

If you are having signs of pimples on your face, and you are trying to cover them with makeup then it is a bad idea. It will clog the pores of the face, which will initially trigger the outbreak.

It is recommended to use all-natural makeup, as it will decrease the chance of pimples on your face. When you are choosing makeup up for yourself, it is much advised to avoid heavy foundation and greasy makeup.

Always try to use fragrance-free products which will be much helpful in removing pimples from your face. Several products which are also needed to be avoided which includes, body washes, shaving creams, oily shampoos, and hair styling products.

Less contact with face:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

The hand is the best thing which needs to get contact with other substances, it will encounter bacteria and grime constantly throughout the day.

So, every time you are touching your face with your bare hand without cleaning it properly, it will more likely to add impurities to your face. This will clog the pores of your skin, as a result, your face will have multiple pimples all over.

Although in several circumstances, you need to instantly use your hand. But try to limit the contact of your hand without Face, as it will decrease the chance of having pimples on your face.

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Less Sun Exposure:

Prevent Pimples on the Face

Although there are several studies confirm that sun rays can dry out the paper short term period. It can cause major problems if you have increased Sun exposure throughout the day.

Because of frequent sun exposure, the skin gets dehydrated, which will initially create more oil and clog the pores. As a result, you will be having more pimples on your face.

It is not recommended to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer due to the extreme levels of sun exposure.

Do not pop pimples:

Most of the people try to squeeze the pimples which are larger than white head on your face. If you pop the pimples on your face, it can cause infection, bleeding and scarring on your face.

It will also clog the pores of your skin and inflammation it. This will increase the pimples on your face, even in most scenarios it can you win cause skin cancer.

So, it is much recommended to never pop any pimple, even if they are large enough to ruin your face. Try to use all the above-mentioned methods which will eventually decrease the pimples on your face.


Pimples are mainly faced by teenagers who are going through hormonal changes which are known as puberty. Although pimples can happen with anyone of any ages, as there are several causes of that.

We have gathered the complete information regarding different scientific journals, posted the different ways for preventing them in this article for you.

Share this useful article with others, so that they get to know how to prevent pimples on face.

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