How To Make Paper in Minecraft in 2020

by Jay Vora
How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Paper is one of the most important things in day to day life of everyone. Just like in real life, the paper is also an important element in the Minecraft game. Paper is the fundamental crafting material used to make maps and books in Minecraft. So we are going to share information about How To Make Paper in Minecraft.

The use of paper is very vast in the game. Apart from making maps and books, it is also used for trading of emeralds and also used in crafting cartography tables and fireworks. You can also find the paper in various places. But the easiest and simplest way is to make paper in Minecraft. Here is a complete guide on How to make paper in Minecraft.

What Materials Are Required to Make Paper in Minecraft?

The material required to make paper in Minecraft is only 3 Sugarcanes. You can craft 3 pieces of paper with the help of 3 sugarcanes that can be found easily in the game.

How to Get Sugarcane in Minecraft?

Sugarcane can be found very easily. You can get sugarcane from places where there is an abundant flow of water. So the best possibility to get sugarcanes in Minecraft is near large water bodies like ocean, sea, river, etc. It is very easy to spot sugarcane as they are 4 blocks tall.

You can also get sugarcane in Minecraft by harvesting them. The game offers one sugarcane for each block of plant you harvest. You can also replant those plants and harvest them again in order to get more sugarcanes to make paper in Minecraft.

How to Get Sugarcane in Minecraft?

How to Make Paper in Minecraft?

Step 1: Find and Collect Sugarcane
To make paper in Minecraft, the most basic requirement is 3 sugarcane. So to get sugarcane, you need to roam a bit and explore the places near large water bodies. They are very easy to spot and they are most often found growing near the starting points. Once you find sugarcane all you have to do is punch at it to collect them in your Inventory

Step 2: Open Crafting Table
After collecting ample amount of sugarcanes, open the Crafting Table facing the table by right-clicking or pressing the X button. You need to make sure that the crafting table is 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 3: Place Sugarcane in Crafting Table
The sugarcanes that you have collected will be present in the inventory section. Select 3 sugarcanes from it and place them horizontally in the 3×3 crafting grid table.

How to Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 4: Select and Move Paper To List
Once you have place sugarcanes in the grid, now select the paper and move it your list from the slot present next to grid. 3 sugarcanes will help to make 3 pieces of paper in Minecraft.

Congratulations!! Now you know Hot to Make Paper in Minecraft. Apart from crafting paper, there are places in the game where you can find and collect paper directly.

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Where To Find Paper in Minecraft?

The process to make paper in Minecraft is very simple and easy. But you can also get paper directly without crafting anything. You can find paper in the following areas:

  • Village cartographer chests
  • Shipwreck chests
  • Stronghold library chests

Since you know how to make paper in Minecraft, the important thing now is how to craft paper into other items. So let’s go through it.

What Items Can Be Crafted from Paper in Minecraft?

Just how paper is useful in the real world, it is also important in the Minecraft game.Since you have learned how to make paper in Minecraft, it is important to craft this paper in to useful things. The paper can be used to craft the following items:

  • Banner patterns
  • Book
  • Cartography paper
  • Empty map
  • Fireworks


So this was the complete guide on How to Make Paper in Minecraft. if you still face any difficulty then let us know. Which item is your most loved thing to craft? Let us know in the comment section below.

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