Honk More, Wait More: A Brilliant Initiative by Mumbai Police to Stop Reckless Honkers

by Jay Vora
Honk More, Wait More

Mumbai Traffic Police has come up with a brilliant idea to stop the perpetual honking on the traffic signal even when the signal is red. It is a great effort from Mumbai Police to reduce noise pollution levels in the country’s commercial capital. Mumbai Traffic Police on Friday has rolled out a campaign named ‘The Punishing Signal’ with the slogan “Honk more, wait more” in order to discipline Mumbaikars who love to honk needlessly even when the traffic signal is red.

Honk More, Wait More

With the motive of reducing the noise pollution levels of Mumbai, it has installed decibel meters at certain select but heavy-traffic signals to deter habitual honkers through a campaign named ‘The Punishing Signal’. When the needless honking of reckless honkers will exceed the dangerous sound level of 85-decibels, the signal timers will get reset with “Honk More, Wait More” message on the big screen.

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It will double the waiting time for all vehicles which means the signal will remain red for more time. Along with that, a “punishing” message ‘Honk more, wait more’, will appear on the digital display board installed near the traffic junctions which will create awareness for the honkers.

The Mumbai Police took on Twitter to announce the new campaign by sharing a video. The video clip starts at a major traffic junction in Mumbai with a commentary: “Welcome! To the Honking Capital of the world..! (Amid the cacophony of blaring horns from the vehicles waiting for the signal to turn green). Here, people honk even when the signal is red! Savai ahe na !  (Is  Maybe they think that by honking, they can make the signal turn green faster! Samjat nahi (They simply don’t understand)”.

The Mumbai Traffic Police and FCB Interface have collaborated to hit upon the innovative idea to curb noise pollution caused by honking at traffic signals. “Horn not okay, please! Find out how the @MumbaiPolice hit the mute button on #Mumbai’s reckless honkers. #HonkResponsibly,” reads a tweet put out by the Mumbai police. The “Punishing Signal”  campaign launched by the Mumbai police on the twitter has come in for immense praise from the Twitterati.

According to reports, the decibel meters have been installed and activated at major junctions or signals at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus, Marine Drive, Pedder Road, Hindmata Cinema Dadar and Bandra.

The punishing Signal. Honk More, Wait More

In an interview, the Joint Police Commissioner (Traffic) of Mumbai, Madhukar Pandey said that the decibel monitors are connected to traffic signals around the island city, and when the cacophony due to needless honking exceeds the dangerous 85-decibels level, the signal timer resets, entailing double waiting time for all vehicles.

“Mumbai is one of the noisiest cities in the world and a lot of this noise is at the traffic signals where Mumbaikars honk more even when they see the signal is red. Jointly with the FCB Interface, we have launched this innovative solution to arrest the honking menace,” Mr. Pandey said.

Honk Responsibly

Joint Commissioner of Police showed concern by pointing out that honking is not only a bad habit but it is also an act of traffic indiscipline besides being a major health and pollution hazard. In Mumbai, 149 and 460 honkers were booked in 2018 and 2019 respectively for honking offenses.

FCB Group Chairman and CEO Rohit Ohri said: “We have been partnering Mumbai Police for many years now. Noise pollution is a big problem in our cities. This new initiative is a fantastic creative solution for bringing about awareness and a behavior change among the drivers in Mumbai.”

“Thank you @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice for this amazing and very effective video against honking. This is a first for the police to promise action and hopefully the first step towards enforcement of anti-honking rules”, anti-noise pollution crusader Sumaira Ali tweeted.

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