10 Facts About Ahmedabad For Which it is Famous

by Jay Vora
10 Facts About Ahmedabad

We are here with the 10 most interesting facts about Ahmedabad for which it is famous. These are some uncommon facts about the city that even people staying in Ahmedabad might not be knowing.

Ahmedabad, also known as the”Boston City of India” has not only made Gujarat and Gujratis proud, but it has made the whole nation proud. One of the finest cities of Western India lies on the river banks of the Sabarmati river. It is one of the most fastest-growing cities in India and has a population of more than 6.3 million people. ‘Ahmedavadis‘ (people from Ahmedabad) are spread not only throughout the country but they are present in every part of the world and they are making sure that the pride of the nation goes higher and higher.

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10 Facts About Ahmedabad

If you don’t know much about the city, we are here with some interesting facts about Ahmedabad that will help you to know more about the city.

1. SBI logo is inspired from Kankaria Lake

Facts about Ahmedabad : Kanakaria Lake and SBI logo

The logo of State Bank of India(SBI) has a design similar to the Kankaria Lake. The logo of SBI has a blue circle just like the water in the Kankaria lake and has a small cut at the bottom which depicts perfection and the common man. The logo was designed by The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. If you have an aerial view of Kankaria Lake, you will find out that the logo of SBI is inspired from Kankaria lake. It is one of the most interesting facts about Ahmedabad that everyone might not be knowing.

2. Ahmedabad was 2nd to build an IIM

Facts about Ahmedabad : 2nd IIM in India

Ahmedabad was the second city to build an IIM (Indian Institute of Management) in December 1961. The first IIM was built in Calcutta in November 1961. IIMA was founded by Vikram Sarabhai along with Shri. Kasturbhai Lalbhai and supported by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Jivraj Mehta. IIMA is ranked as the best Business School in India. The institute is globally famed for its entrepreneur production.

3. Ahmedabad was earlier called as Karnavati.

Facts about Ahmedabad: Karnavati was the original name of Ahmedabad

In the olden times, Ahmedabad was called Karnavati. In the 11th Century, the Solanki Ruler of Patan won the war against King Bhil of Ashawal and established the city named Karnavati. Later Sultan Ahmed Shah ordered to change the name of the city to Ahmedabad in 1411. The city was named after the four saints whose name started with Ahmed.

4. Ahmedabad is the Ex-Capital of Gujarat

Facts about Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad was the ex-capital of Gujarat

After Independence, Ahmedabad was the capital city of Gujarat till 1970. In 1970, the capital city of Gujarat was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar.

5. Midnight spree at Manek Chowk

Facts about Ahmedabad: Midnight Spree at Manek Chowk

If you’re one for the midnight walks and love to traverse around the city then, Ahmedabad is the one for you. Manek Chowk is a place in Ahmedabad where it is a busy jewelry shopping market in the day and at night it becomes a yummy street food paradise. This place serves different types of snacks and street food until late in the night which makes it the midnight spree of the city.

6. Graveyard Restaurant

Facts about Ahmedabad: Graveyard Restaurant

In the list of interesting facts about Ahmedabad, there is a restaurant near the Lal Darwaza area of Ahmedabad where it makes you eat with the dead people. Actually, the restaurant is built on the graveyard which was over there years ago. The owner of the restaurant didn’t clean the graves. Instead, he kept the graves as it is and made room for tables and chairs around the graves. The name of the restaurant is Lucky Restaurant and it is a very spooky place to visit as everyone would not like to have their food with the deads.

7. Finest Rapid Transit System (BRTS)

Facts about Ahmedabad: Finest Transit System BRTS

BRTS(Bus Rapid Transit System) is the most successful rapid transit system in the nation that can be seen in Ahmedabad. Being the most successful model of public transport in the country, the BRTS service lets people reach their destination quickly as there is a special path built for the BRTS buses which allows them to run quickly by avoiding the traffic.

8. Forbes listed Ahmedabad as ‘World’s 3rd Fastest growing Cities’ in 2010

Facts about Ahmedabad: World's 3rd fatstest growing City

In the year 2010, Forbes listed Ahmedabad as one of the most Fastest Growing Cities. The per capita income of Ahmedabad is twice that of the rest of India. Even the investors have a big eye on Ahmedabad for investing their valuable money.

9. First Bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

Facts about Ahmedabad: 1st Bullet in India between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

After the announcement of Bullet Train from Prime Minister of India, people are eagerly waiting for its launch. The first bullet train will run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The estimated cost of this project is around Rs 1,10,000 crore. India will take a loan of Rs 88,000 crore from Japan with a minimal interest of Rs 0.01 percent with a repayment timeline of 50 years. Japan is also helping India to make the first bullet train.

10. Manchester of the East or Boston of India

Facts about Ahmedabad: Manchester of the East or Boston of India

Among the fascinating facts about Ahmedabad, there is a fact that the city is given the title of “Manchester of the East” and “Boston of India” because of the immense growth in the trade and business in the textile industry.  It also has the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court.  These are the reason why industrialists Ambalal Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai named Ahmedabad as Boston City of India.


So these were the 10 most interesting facts about Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has much more cool and interesting stuff that makes it a beautiful place to live in. So next time whenever you get a chance to visit Ahmedabad never miss it.

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