7 Best AirPods Pro Cases and Skins You Can Buy

by Deep Mehta
7 Best AirPods Pro Cases and Skins You Can Buy

Initially Airpods Pro is having the price tag of $249, and even the repairing cost will be around $89 for each earphone in case they are out of warranty. Even you will be charged with $89 for servicing wireless charging case.

In order to prevent any accidents to happen, it is recommended to purchase Airpods Pro cases, and you can even customize them using skins. In this article, we will discuss the best Airpods cases and skins which you can buy.

Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins

  • ESR Protective Cover
  • SLEO Shockproof Case
  • ESR Clear Carrying Case
  • YGoal
  • SLEO Silicone Case
  • Dbrand Airpods Pro Skins and Wraps

These are the best Airpods Pro cases and skins available in the market for you to choose from. Read the complete details about these products, and purchase them from the below-provided link if you are interested.

1. ESR Protective Cover

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: ESR Protective Cover

Multiple ranges of ESR protective covers are available for Airpods Pro, it will protect you from scratches and random bumps. This particular protective case will provide you protection from a 360-degree angle, and silicon material will provide the velvety and good quality gripping.

It is also equipped with keychain design which will help you to carry your earphones more securely. This product is available in light pink, red, yellow and black.

ESR Protective Silicone Cover for AirPods Pro (2019 Release), Breeze Plus Series Hingeless Ultra-Thin Case Skin, Slim-Fit, Visible Front LED, Shock & Scratch-Resistant, Black
  • Visible Front LED: This 0.8 mm thick cover won't affect wireless charging and is thin enough for your case's status light to shine through
  • Built-In Dust Plug: A precise charging port cutout ensures convenient, unobstructed charging. The built-in dustproof plug keeps the charging port clean and sealed when not in use
  • Fits Like a Glove: Like a second skin for your AirPods charging case. This ultra-thin silicone cover's hingeless, two-part design allows your case to open completely, providing quick and easy access to your AirPods and the pairing button. NOTE: AirPods and charging case are NOT included

2. SLEO Shockproof Case

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: SLEO Shockproof Case

This is one of the best shockproof case available for Airpods Pro manufactured by SLEO. This product is made out of a combination of soft TPU material along with PU leather. This will provide you with protection from shock due to the powerful armored case.

It will also provide support for wireless charging, one of the best features available. This product is available in brown, blue, red, coffee and black.

3. ESR Clear Carrying Case

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: ESR Clear Carrying Case

This is the best carrying case which will give the protection, also you can showcase the design of your Airpods Pro. This product is made out of the high quality of rippled TPU material.

It will protect you from dust and water, and the transparency will remain the same. This product is also having a keychain feature which will be much easier to carry the Airpods Pro.


AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: ASKCUT

If you are looking for something different to protect your Airpods Pro, then this product will provide you with soft outer material which is made out of silicon. This product is also having stainless steel keychain feature.

This product is basically concentrated on providing style rather than more protection. So, you will also get to have light scratches if it is not handled properly. This particular product is the cheapest and affordable Airpods Pro case available in the market.

UUSJ Compatible for AirPods Case with Keychain, Shockproof Protective Silicone Cover Skin for AirPods Charging Case (Pink)
  • ● Well Designed Product: Made of premium silicone case and precision molded for perfectly fitting your AirPods charging case. Hassle-free one step installation.
  • ● Anti-Scratch, Anti-Slip: Flexible, shock-resistant elastomers provide the perfect balance and protection from scratches and impacts. The anti-slip details on two flanks avoids the case slipping out of your hand, protect from damage.
  • ● Added Carabiner: Durable carabiner is included with case. Just enjoy the outdoors, Take your airpods with you during all activities: running, hiking, climbing, camping etc..

5. YGoal

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: YGoal

Another Airpods Pro with soft structure due to the silicon material along with the good quality of design. This Airpods Pro case will also provide the support for wireless charging. You can purchase it for $3.95 and it is one of the best available cheapest cases in the market.

6. SLEO Silicone Case

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: SLEO Silicone Case

This is the best Silicone Case for Airpods Pro which will provide you with a leathery texture. This product is have been complete shockproof quality, and it will also protect scratches to your product. 

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Brain Freezer Silicone Shock Proof Protection Sleeve Skin Carrying Bag Box Cover Case Compatible with AirPods Wireless Headset Earphone Blue
  • Airpods not included
  • Power button and USB socket are well made, perfect cut size means you can press the button and charging the AirPods without taking off the case
  • Full protection for your device and superior shock absorbing design engineered to absorb, evenly distribute and circulate the impacts into the case

7. Dbrand Airpods Pro Skins and Wraps

AirPods Pro Cases
Best Airpods Pro Cases and Skins: Dbrand Airpods Pro Skins and Wraps

If you are not interested in Airpods Pro cases, go for skins. It will also protect the exterior of the product along with providing customization. Most importantly, not leave any residue even if you remove the skin from the Airpods Pro.


We will recommend you to protect your expensive Airpods Pro by using cases, and you can also customize it by using various skins.

We have collected information about Airpods Pro cases and skins from different sources and user reviews and posted them in this article for you.

Share this innovative article with others, so that we get to choose the best Airpods Pro cases and skins.

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