What Happened to the 1908 Olympics Because of Volcano Eruption?

by Jay Vora
1908 Olympics Volcano Eruption

In 1906, the volcano of Mt. Vesuvius erupted near Naples. This forced Italy to request the Olympic Committee to shift the host location of the 1908 Olympics to somewhere else as they didn’t have enough money to host the Olympics. Hearing to the request of Italy, the committee decided to change the location of Rome, Italy to London, Great Britain.

1908 Olympics and Volcanic Eruption

1908 Olympics Volcano Eruption

In 1904, Rome won the amazing opportunity to host the IV Summer Olympics in 1908. The location of the IV Summer Olympics Games originally called Games of the IV Olympiad shifted to London, Great Britain because of the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The volcanic eruption was such an immense disaster that even though Italy had 2 years of the time period but it wouldn’t have able to prepare it. Later Rome got the opportunity to host the Summer Olympics in 1960.

However, even the volcanic eruption couldn’t cancel the Olympic games in 1908. With just 10 months of time remaining in hand, London successfully hosted the 1908 Olympics of Summer. They built the first-ever stadium which was wholely constructed for playing the games of the Olympics.

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In 1914, World War I started in some parts of the World. In 1916, berlin was supposed to host the Olympics. But most of the European countries had entered the war. Hence, it became necessary to shift the location to some neutral place where there are no signs of the war. The United States had not entered the war till then, it was decided that the United States will host the 1916 Olympics. However, with the increasing intensity of World War I, the 1916 Summer Olympics got canceled.

This is the only instance in the history of the Olympics that the Games got canceled. After that many nations have decided to boycott the Games but the Games didn’t get completely canceled.

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