Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

by Jay Vora
Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest online library of videos; anyone can access them by going to the YouTube website. There is an unlimited number of videos available in the library, and they are continuously being uploaded to the website. YouTube was created in 2005 and currently more than 300 hours of videos been uploaded every minute. There are several YouTube videos which are having a large number of views in the content. In this article, we have listed the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube of all time.

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube:

These are the most viewed videos on YouTube. Read the details of these videos and start viewing them on YouTube.

1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Despacito

Despacito became that chart-topper in the year 2017, and it is still leading the chart in 2019. Despacito is a Spanish song, which basically means slowly.  Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring rapper Daddy Yankee. The song was chat topper in more than 47 countries and in the top 10 list of 10 countries. This is one of the first songs who is leading the 100 Billboard in Spanish after 20 years. There is another version available on YouTube, where few lines were sung by Justin Bieber in English.

2. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: See You Again

See You Again what’s the chart-topper on YouTube from 10th July to 4th August 2017. This song took the first place by breaking the viewing record of Gangnam Style, this song was in the living place of most viewed for only 25 days. After that Despacito takes the lead from this song. The main success of the song is due to the tribute to the actor late Paul Walker in the movie Furious 7. This song started topper for 12 weeks at the US Billboard 100 and also leading in many charts in various countries. This song was sung by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth.

3. The shape of You – Ed Sheeran:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Shape of You

2017 was the best year for Ed Sheeran, most of his songs were playing everywhere and leading in charts. You also did a cameo role in one of the most famous TV series Game of Thrones. The shape of your song was released on 6th January 2017, until now it is one of the most viewed songs on YouTube. It was the chart-topper in more than 44 countries. He was also nominated for a best pop solo performance at 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

4. Gangnam Style – Psy:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Gangnam Style

This song was one of the mega-hit by setting a new record on YouTube. This song was sung by Psy, and it is his first song to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.

5. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster – Get Movies:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Masha and the Bear

This video is not a music video but it is rather Russian animated television series. This is having 68 episodes and most of them are available in the English language.

6. UpTown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Uptown Funk

This video was released on 10th November 2014, and it was written and sung by American artist Bruno Mars.

7. Sorry – Justin Bieber:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Sorry

This is another song by Justin Bieber which was listed in the top 10 most viewed on YouTube. This song was chat topper in 13 countries including Canada.

8. Sugar – Maroon 5:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Sugar - Maroon 5

Maroon 5 released another best song named sugar which was in number 2 on US Billboard 100. The video is about the band crashing in several weddings across Los Angeles.

9. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift releases another song on 18th August 2014, and it was one of the most successful songs to be the chart topper for more than 50 weeks.

10. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona:

Most Viewed Videos On YouTube: Bailando

Bailando is available in two versions which include Spanish and English. Both the songs are having the same lyrics and release in the year 2014. Spanish version of the song is having the most view compared to the English version.

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